birthday party catering

Birthday Party Catering

birthday party catering Last night’s birthday party was a tremendous success. We served buffalo wing caramel popcorn as part of our sweet station display. The guests kept coming back for more. Everyone wanted the recipe. We are always looking for new and innovative catering trends to offer our clients.

We wanted to share this great recipe with everyone. It can be found on the October 12, 2017 issue of . It has a real kick to it. You must make sure that you have plenty of beer on hand. Everyone seemed to be double fisting this treat.

We also added some Halloween inspired monster treats to the party because its only two weeks from now. The recipe treats can be found at They include: Frankenstein pretzels, mummy brie, Reese’s apple nachos, pumpkin spice pretzels, monster munch, apple fries, ghost pizza bagels, pumpkin deviled eggs, cheez it crack, chocolate apple pops, trash bark, salted caramel popcorn, apple nachos, Halloween candy bark, white chocolate mummy pretzels. Our favourite was the apple fries.

The birthday party was cocktail style and featured a variety of butler passed hors d’oeuvres. They included: Vietnamese spring rolls, smoked pulled pork sliders, chicken wing lollipops, mini waffles with chicken drizzled with maple syrup, mini fish tacos, Jamaican shrimps, Argentine empanadas.

Two interactive food stations provide more delicious munchies for everyone. A chef attended, carved, smoked brisket station with artisan buns and condiments. A miniature replica of a sushi boat with a variety of sushi being prepared by an expert sushi chef.
No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. Our birthday boy loves football. His cake was in the shape of a football placed in the center of a football field.

Avenue catering is a Toronto catering company offering creative solutions to all types of events. Our professional team listens to your needs and provides simply perfect catering.

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