Corporate Catering Buffet

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Corporate Catering Buffet

Corporate Catering Buffet

When you’re in charge of hiring a caterer for a business lunch there is a lot of stress on you. “Will they like what I pick?” or “Will the boss be mad if I spend too much?” are likely just a few of the stressful thoughts running through your mind. If you want to help guarantee a successful catered lunch, make sure to follow these three steps.

1. Get an idea of what people like in the office.

Sure, not everyone will like the same things, but you can help assure that you don’t purchase a bunch of seafood only to find out only a third of the office actually likes it. Simply get a feel for what everyone likes (and dislikes) so you can order accordingly. Allergies and dietary restrictions are also important to keep in mind.

2. Compare multiple options.

Call multiple places and consider the quantity (and quality) of the food you are getting and the price at which you are receiving it. ALWAYS make sure everyone has plenty to eat. It’s better to have left overs rather than not enough. You definitely do not want to deal with HANGRY (hungry and angry) co-worker. Narrow down your selection to two or three of the best locations.

3. Let your office vote.

After narrowing down your options the best thing to do is to let the people decide what they want themselves. Simply send an email, take a tally, or ask them personally what they prefer and display the results someplace public for them to see. This will not only get people involved but you’ll also find that doing this will result in less people complaining overall.

By doing these simple things you can help guarantee that your corporate lunch-in goes over smoothly.

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