Top Three Secrets for Summer Barbecue Success

The Best Summer Barbecues: 3 Secrets for Grilling Success
Now that it getting a little warmer outside you may be tempted to grill up some burgers, chops, steaks, pizza, or kabobs up on the ol’ grill, but there are a few things you need to consider if you want to be a successful summer griller.

Here are three simple tips to take your grilling to the next level:

1. Make sure your grill is clean.

While it may seem obvious, having a clean grill is crucial to grilling success. If you’ve ever eaten food off a grill that hasn’t been properly cleaned you may have thought to yourself “what is that I’m tasting?” or “why does my burger taste like salmon?” These are both things you don’t want your guests to be thinking. Even worse, if a grill isn’t properly cleaned before each use you or your guests can become ill (not exactly what you were going for right?). Plus, a clean grill allows you to get those classic grill lines on all your food which always adds to the overall appeal.

2. Avoid losing all the juices.

You may have heard this time and time again but nothing is worse than trying to hide a dry burger with an excessive amount of ketchup and mustard. To make sure your meat doesn’t come out dry consider these simple tips.

– DO NOT use a fork to flip! Always use a spatula or thongs. Forks (when pressing them into the food) drain juices out from the meat which is a big NO.

– LIMIT your flips! Ideally, you should only have one flip per item on your grill. The more you move the food the more juice you lose and vice versa.

– DO NOT use a spatula to press down on your meats. When you do this you are draining all those perfectly good juices from your meats. This is the one of the biggest party fouls you could possibly pull off.

3. Add a special smokey flavor to your food with wood-chips.

This adds a very subtle but amazing flavor to everything that comes off your grill. Your guests will definitely notice that they are tasting something special. All you have to do is get your hands on some hickory or oak wood-chips (other hard-words work too; make sure they are not treated woods) and soak them for 10-30 minutes prior just so they don’t burn up too quickly. Then, toss them into the bottom of the grill to help your food get that unmistakable smokey flavor. This will help take your grilling to the next level.

If you do all these things, you are guaranteed to have a successful grill out this summer. Just remember, even the best grill tips can’t make those veggie burgers taste like real meat!

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