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Cuban catered events provide a wonderful change to traditional social event catering options.

On my recent trip to Florida, I visited Columbia restaurant and fell madly passionate about the following two recipes:

Spanish Bean Soup

Ingredients: 1/2  pound garbanzos, one pound of potatoes, four ounces of white bacon, one onion, one beef bone, one ham bone, one pinch saffron, one  tablespoon salt, two ounces of Crisco, two quarts of water, one Spanish sausage.

Soak garbanzos overnight with a tablespoon of salt sufficient water to cover beans. When ready to cook drain the salted water from the beans and put the garbanzo beans, beef bone and ham bone in to two quarts of water. Cook for forty five minutes on slow fire. Fry the bacon and onions which have been cut fine and place in  pot. Add potatoes, saffron and salt to the pot. When potatoes are done remove from heat and add the chorizo.

This bean soup recipe from Columbia restaurant is amazing.

Another exciting recipe from this establishment is the yellow rice and chicken combination.

The ingredients for the yellow rice and chicken are: one onion, two button garlic, one bay leaf, pinch of saffron, one pound rice, one half pint of olive oil, two pimentos, one green pepper, two tablespoons of salt, six medium size tomatoes, one and one half quarts of water and two ounces of green peas.

Cut the chicken into quarters and fry with onions and garlic, when finished add tomatoes and water. Boil for five minutes. Add bay leaf, salt, rice, saffron, and green peppers. Stir thoroughly and heat for twenty minutes at a medium setting. When done garnish with peas and pimentos.

Our international catering team provides delicious cuisine from  different parts of the world. Our executive chef would be happy to discuss our Cuban menu options for your event. Avenue Catering provides simply perfect Toronto catering solutions for all your needs.


birthday party catering

Birthday Party Catering

birthday party catering Last night’s birthday party was a tremendous success. We served buffalo wing caramel popcorn as part of our sweet station display. The guests kept coming back for more. Everyone wanted the recipe. We are always looking for new and innovative catering trends to offer our clients.

We wanted to share this great recipe with everyone. It can be found on the October 12, 2017 issue of . It has a real kick to it. You must make sure that you have plenty of beer on hand. Everyone seemed to be double fisting this treat.

We also added some Halloween inspired monster treats to the party because its only two weeks from now. The recipe treats can be found at They include: Frankenstein pretzels, mummy brie, Reese’s apple nachos, pumpkin spice pretzels, monster munch, apple fries, ghost pizza bagels, pumpkin deviled eggs, cheez it crack, chocolate apple pops, trash bark, salted caramel popcorn, apple nachos, Halloween candy bark, white chocolate mummy pretzels. Our favourite was the apple fries.

The birthday party was cocktail style and featured a variety of butler passed hors d’oeuvres. They included: Vietnamese spring rolls, smoked pulled pork sliders, chicken wing lollipops, mini waffles with chicken drizzled with maple syrup, mini fish tacos, Jamaican shrimps, Argentine empanadas.

Two interactive food stations provide more delicious munchies for everyone. A chef attended, carved, smoked brisket station with artisan buns and condiments. A miniature replica of a sushi boat with a variety of sushi being prepared by an expert sushi chef.
No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. Our birthday boy loves football. His cake was in the shape of a football placed in the center of a football field.

Avenue catering is a Toronto catering company offering creative solutions to all types of events. Our professional team listens to your needs and provides simply perfect catering.

Halal Catering in Toronto

Many people ask caterers if they prepare “normal” Western dishes as well as those considered to be traditionally Islamic or Muslim! Of course so many tell them they do however, for customers interest in halal catering, it is pertinent to understand in full what it means. Halal simply means “permitted” or “lawful” according to Islamic religion. This plays a large role in Muslim life, and certainly affects the way they eat and prepare food. For any food to be considered halal it must comply with Shari’ah law. If you are interested in halal catering, here are best tips for planning your next corporate or social event with halal food:

Know your halal basics
The first step of your planning process should be to get to know Islamic customs – specifically their eating habits! Nothing ruins an otherwise perfectly planned event like food that none of the guests will eat. So, if you’re planning an event which requires a cultural touch, whether you’re Muslim or not, you need to be sure you are pertaining to Islamic law in terms of allowable food. This is extremely important especially at cultural events like weddings. Some foods and drinks which are not halal (haram or forbidden) for Muslims to consume include: alcohol, pork and pork by products and other animals which have not been correctly prepared under Islamic Shari’ah. In order to avoid mistakes during preparation, ensure you do a research and come up with a draft menu with your caterer, who would know whether it’s halal or not. Another good tip is to visit local halal grocers to get menu ideas.

Selecting a venue
Do you know any Islamic-specific venues? If not, do a quick search in your area or ask for recommendations. It really all depends on the type of event you are planning. When selecting a venue keep in mind the amount of guests, whether the event is formal or informal, the theme and the decorations.

Search for a flexible and creative caterer
Keep in mind that not all catering services will have had experience in handling halal events, so do your research and ask around for recommendations. Ask your potential caterer questions like:
 Has the caterer been involved in a halal event before?
 Do they know the specific requirements and preparation techniques?
 Can the caterer accommodate for the Islamic restricted diet? A creative caterer should be able to develop a unique and interesting menu without certain meats and drinks.
 Does the menu offer options for people with other dietary requirements? As with any event, vegan and vegetarian guests will require some extra thought.
 Can the caterer provide a list of ingredients for each meal? Guests will appreciate it if this is clearly printed on the menu.

Ask for menu input
Your caterer will of course be able to provide some delicious menu ideas, but don’t be afraid to ask guests for their input. A fun way to find out your guests favorite halal meal is to ask them on their individual RSVP cards. When the RSVP cards are returned, you and your caterer will have an idea of what kinds of foods your guests are expecting and would love to eat during the event. This is where a skilled and flexible caterer is essential – given a reasonable time frame; they should be able to adapt the menu to incorporate new ideas and requests.
No matter what your requirements for event or business catering ensure you put it in the hands of the experts with halal catering.

Avenue catering provides certified halal ingredients to prepare authentic halal catering cuisine.

Corporate Catering Buffet

Business Lunch Catering Tips


Corporate Catering Buffet

Corporate Catering Buffet

When you’re in charge of hiring a caterer for a business lunch there is a lot of stress on you. “Will they like what I pick?” or “Will the boss be mad if I spend too much?” are likely just a few of the stressful thoughts running through your mind. If you want to help guarantee a successful catered lunch, make sure to follow these three steps.

1. Get an idea of what people like in the office.

Sure, not everyone will like the same things, but you can help assure that you don’t purchase a bunch of seafood only to find out only a third of the office actually likes it. Simply get a feel for what everyone likes (and dislikes) so you can order accordingly. Allergies and dietary restrictions are also important to keep in mind.

2. Compare multiple options.

Call multiple places and consider the quantity (and quality) of the food you are getting and the price at which you are receiving it. ALWAYS make sure everyone has plenty to eat. It’s better to have left overs rather than not enough. You definitely do not want to deal with HANGRY (hungry and angry) co-worker. Narrow down your selection to two or three of the best locations.

3. Let your office vote.

After narrowing down your options the best thing to do is to let the people decide what they want themselves. Simply send an email, take a tally, or ask them personally what they prefer and display the results someplace public for them to see. This will not only get people involved but you’ll also find that doing this will result in less people complaining overall.

By doing these simple things you can help guarantee that your corporate lunch-in goes over smoothly.

Avenue Catering provides simply perfect catering solutions for all your corporate events. Our corporate catering menus are constantly changing to meet the needs of our clients. We have been providing catering services for over a decade and we know how to make your event a success



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Portuguese and Italian Catering

Toronto Catering Difference between Portuguese Catering and Italian Catering

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between Portuguese and Italian cuisine? Though they are similar in some ways, they also have some differences as well.

The national dish of Portugal is “bacalhau,” which is dried, salted cod. During the 15th century off of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, the English would salt and dry cod for preservation. There wasn’t much of a market for the fish in England, so the English looked elsewhere and began to barter with the Portuguese. Since the fish was dried and salted they were able to transport it on their long journey back to Portugal. Both Portuguese and Italian food rely heavily on seafood as the Iberian Peninsula is surrounded by water on 3 sides. The Bay of Biscay to the North, The Atlantic Ocean to the West, The Alboran Sea to the South and the Balearic Sea to the Southeast.

Both diets are rich in fresh, seasonal and locally available ingredients, accompanied by excellent local wines. Gourmet olive oils abound, along with a huge choice of chouriço and excellent local cheeses. Italian tapas are mirrored by the Portuguese petiscos, which are small plates of individual dishes, often served in bars as an accompaniment to your drinks. They include a wide range of meat, fish and other delicacies.

A distinct difference between Italian and Portuguese foods lies in the spices they use. Portuguese cuisine as well as Italian is regional and originates from peasant food, foods that are filling, hearty and inexpensive to prepare. Both countries’ diets have a heavy focus on seafood, with squid and shellfish dishes in abundance. Portugal’s love of bacalhau (salted cod fish) far overshadows that of its Italian neighbour, with a reputed 365 ways of serving bacalhau available in Portugal.

In both countries tomato and bean-based stews are common, although in modern times this is more in evidence in the Portuguese diet than the Italian.

Despite the similarities, the two countries’ cuisines are each distinctly their own, with ingredients prepared in different ways and using a different herb/spice palette.

Which do you prefer – Italian food or Portuguese food?

Avenue Catering has in house chefs who specialize in Portuguese and Italian food catering. The international chefs are able to provide international cuisines to Toronto Catering events.