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Social events should be stress free and effortless. Your primary concern should be to socialize with your friends and guests. Planning for the event and cooking for the event should not be part of the process. It should not involve set up and clean up by you. Let Avenue Catering do the work for you. Let our professional party planners and international chefs cater to all your needs.

Life is a journey filled with adventures and celebrations. We have catered numerous social events in the last decade. Some of our events have included: birthday parties, theme parties, holiday parties, anniversaries, retirements, sweet sixteen parties, family reunions, fundraisers, baby showers, engagement parties, cocktail parties, milestone events, new home receptions, pool parties, appreciation events, seated dinners, graduation parties, coming home parties. Let us know, if you do not see your social event mentioned.

Our goal is to provide you with simply perfect catering and event planning solutions. Our food is prepared by a group of international chefs who strive to please you. All our ingredients are fresh and sourced local, when feasible.

Our professional staff provide expert guidance to insure your party’s success. We guarantee that your event will be memorable. We listen and address all your concerns and desires. We create your party’s vision by providing you with solutions to décor, entertainment, venue location and catering.

We will design and create a catering menu to suit your taste and your budget. Our chefs can offer international foods from any part of the world. We can create traditional cultural foods, modern foods and the fusion of foods from different cultures. We will provide you with a food tasting, once the food menu has been determined. There will be no surprises to the foods which you have selected.

Avenue Catering is Social Catering at its best. It is the most affordable Toronto catering company.

Antipasto Holiday Catering Platter

Hosting Holiday Parties: 5 Must-Do’s for Any Holiday

Antipasto Holiday Catering Platter

Antipasto Holiday Catering Platter

If you got yourself into hosting a holiday party and aren’t sure what to do, DO NOT WORRY, we’ve got your back.

Simply follow these five easy steps to help your holiday party go over smoothly:

1. Consider a pot-luck, and don’t be afraid to delegate.

Having a pot-luck can help take a lot of stress of yourself when it comes to cooking. It’s likely that you are already stressing over other things like a clean home, tables, seating, and possibly even decorations, so this will help you relax a little bit. Make sure to keep a list and be organized when it comes to who’s bringing what to help avoid people bringing duplicates.

2. Have some fun music playing.

Nothing is worse than awkward silence at a party (unless it’s a silent disco) so make sure you have a good playlist and speakers readily available.

3. Don’t be too specific about times.

If you have a lot of people coming it’s probably likely that one time doesn’t perfectly work for everyone. Because of this, make the time of your party broad and be sure to let people know it is okay for them to drop-in at anytime. This will result in more (and happier) guests.

4. Consider paper and plastic dish ware.

Well it may not be the classiest, this will make your clean-up job MUCH, MUCH easier. You will definitely thank yourself for doing this when the party is winding down and you start cleaning up.

5. Add some seasonal elements to the décor.

If you took our advice on the paper and plastic dish ware, a good place to start is by purchasing some holiday themed plates and napkins. Also, feel free to add some other decorations such as lights, centerpieces, and signs. Just make sure to keep it simple and not go too overboard.

If you follow these steps not only will your holiday party be less stressful, but it will also keep your guests coming back year after year.

Avenue catering provides simply perfect catering solutions to all your holiday party catering needs.


Bridal Shower Lunch

Tips on Planning a Successful Bridal Shower


It does not matter if you’re a sister, a bridesmaid, a cousin or a colleague, if you’re throwing a bridal shower for the first time, it can be an overwhelming task! We have put together tips to help you plan so that you end up having a beautiful bridal shower for her.

• Keep the bride in sight
You must know that for the bride-to-be, a shower isn’t just a party; it’s a day she will remember forever. That said, you have to think about the bride’s favorite foods and drinks, her personal style, the activities she enjoys, and where she likes to hang out, and try to integrate those things into her shower theme. Whatever you plan, make sure you keep your sights on the leading lady.

• Do not do it alone
If you’re planning a surprise party, you will need to get the help of a trusted friend, sister, or mother of the bride, since they can assist with the date, guest list, and tactic for getting the bride to the surprise shower on time. No one expects you to go it alone. Spreading the responsibility helps lighten the load and the costs. This also gives you the chance to spend some pre-shower social time with the other women in the bride’s life. Even if you think you can pull off this gathering on your own, it’s a nice gesture to give others the opportunity to help. Just because you’ve been deemed shower hostess doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself, trust me, it will not only spare your pocketbook, but your sanity, too. Most importantly: Don’t forget to include everyone who’s helping as hostesses on the invitation!

• Carefully Consider Who to Invite
Do you want to have a traditional bridal shower? You should know that this typically includes all female family members of the bride and groom, girlfriends, bridesmaids, and sometimes even neighbors and co-workers. If you aren’t sure you want to host the entire clan (which is okay by the way), just remember that it’s proper etiquette to invite bridesmaids to the bridal shower. Note that as the hostess, you get to determine the size of the party and your budget concerns are principal when planning a bridal shower, so if you can only accommodate 10 people in your apartment, so be it.

• Keep it Personal!
The most interesting and enjoyable shower games are the ones that represent the bride and what you know and love about her. If you’re not sure what to do, remember that the people invited to the shower are those closest to the bride and groom, and come up with games that thrive on that connection. Before the shower, you can interview her fiancé and have someone video tape him answering the questions. During the shower, hand out the list of questions to each guest. Play the recording, and hit pause before he answers each question, and have guests guess the correct answers. (For added fun, also have the bride guess what her fiancé’s answer will be!). Also remember that while games are a necessary element of a bridal shower, you need to keep them to a minimum. Do not overdo it.

• Plan a simple menu
When planning a bridal shower, you should have an alternative that will work for everyone bearing in mind that some guests may have dietary restrictions. For example, serve a fruit salad alongside cupcakes so that vegans and gluten-intolerant friends can still enjoy a sweet treat.

• Provide a handy gift list for the bride
In all of the excitement, the bride will probably not remember which friend gave her the cute apron. Keep a list of who gave what so that the bride can write great thank you notes later. Furthermore, though everyone wants to see the bride open the gift they brought, but do they really want to be stuck in a circle for an hour or more while the bride fawns over the other 20+ gifts from everyone else? No. So, schedule time for gift opening, but make sure to keep it organized and