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How to Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

catering TorontoOne of the best catering Toronto companies for your wedding food is the Avenue Catering Toronto company. They offer simply perfect catering solutions and event planning ideas for your wedding at affordable prices.

Choosing the right food for your wedding reception menu is one of the most important decisions you will make as a couple. You want your food choices to create an everlasting memory. You want your guests to never forget the culinary tastes that they experienced at your wedding.

Some couples infuse their ethnic food traditions into the wedding food menu. Other couples, incorporate some of their favorite childhood foods into some aspect of the food selections. Others, include geographic related foods that they cherish. If you are having a traditional cultural wedding, then your options are limited and you must settle on an ethnic menu pertaining to your culture.

The price of wedding catering should be affordable. Choosing seasonal foods and foods which can be sourced local will reduce the price of your wedding food catering. A simple meal which is prepared by expert chefs can be as pleasing as a five-course dinner menu. A creative and talented chef can create a masterpiece from simple ingredients.

You can make your menu affordable by considering some of the following ideas: choose chicken instead of beef, instead of offering six hors d’oeuvres per person offer three, instead of a three-layer wedding cake consider a cupcake tower, reduce the number of hours the host bar will be open, consider having a lunch wedding reception, cocktail receptions are the most economic wedding platforms, avoid elaborate desserts, buffets are less expensive then a full service plated meal.

Avenue Catering Toronto provides a variety of menus. The menus can be customized to suit your taste and you budget. The motto at Avenue is “your wedding is our mission”

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